After-School Programs

Learning doesn't stop after 3PM with Robothink Sussex! Every after school program is filled with fun and educational projects in robotics, coding and engineering. With hundreds of unique and engaging lesson plans, kids will never get bored! Our programs cultivate creativity, problem-solving capabilities and an interest for learning through project-based robotics, coding and engineering activities.

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How Does It Work?

After-school programs are offered during the school year with the curriculum typically running several months. The classes are held once a week and are 1 hour 30 minutes long.


Our after-school classes are offered to children of different age groups:

Robotics & Coding for children ages 5 through 7

Our youngest builders, engineers and developers get introduced to the basic components first with robot models involving cell blocks. Once they progress through the curriculum, they are introduced to gears, axles, motors and electronics. During the coding portion of the curriculum, kids are introduced to basics of programming, which lays a solid foundation for the future.

Robotics & Coding for children ages 8 through 10

Future developers and engineers who are just a tad older, get introduced to robotics at a slightly faster pace using motors and electronics early on during the curriculum. As they progress, students learn about sensors and controllers having the ability to build more sophisticated robots. While going through coding portion of the curriculum, they learn about concepts of conditionals and loops as well as using analogue and digital values to control their robots.

Coding Robotics for children ages 11 through 13

Our oldest group of future engineers and developers typically has some experience with coding and robotics, but if not, we are able to bring them up to speed pretty fast and have them coding away and building robots at no time. During this curriculum, students not only learn how to build more complex robot models and game controllers, but they also learn about more advanced programming concepts such as variables and functions.

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