Customer Protection Standards

Updated June 12, 2020

At Robothink Sussex safety and health of our young engineers and enthusiasts alike is of utmost importance. Therefore when there are safety requirements and recommendations set in place, we follow them to ensure public safety.

Depending on the severity of the situation and the level of emergency, we decide which steps to take and whether to temporarily suspend our programs or continue running them while following general guidelines and safety procedures.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

As pandemic has been developing worldwide, we have been following guidelines provided by Center for Decease Control (CDC) and Delaware Division of Public Health and Social Services (DHSS). We are closely monitoring the situation and implementing procedures recommended to prevent further spread of the virus.


Procedures Followed Upon Reopening


We have adopted and are following a number of procedures to ensure that children and their families are protected as much as possible while attending our programs. Please take a look below to see what specific measures we are taking to ensure everyone's safety.

Besides measures mentioned above, we have decreased the sizes of our camps/classes to a maximum of 8 children per session. Since our space allows for up to 20 children in one area, decreasing the size of camps allows us to provide ample space for each child offering more than enough space for social distancing while they are engaged in their activities.

As mentioned above, each child is provided with a separate robotics kit and equipment used with it for the during of the whole program, so that there is no sharing of equipment between children and therefore no possibility of cross-contamination.

Before entering camp, children are asked to wash hands and remove shoes to once again lower the risk of germs and viruses being spread.

While it is required for a parent to wear face covering while dropping off or picking up their children at our facility, children ages of 12 and under aren't required to wear face coverings according to CDC due to a possible choking hazard. As such, it is up to each parent's discretion whether they want their children wearing face covering or not. Robothink Sussex will have face masks available if a parent wants their child to wear face covering, but doesn't have one available. 

We hope that the measures taken assure you of our commitment to health and safety of everyone around and you feel confident placing your children in our programs knowing that they have the best time learning STEM while having fun and staying safe!

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