Meet Our Instructors

Unlike other places that may offer similar programs, Robothink Sussex robotics and coding programs are always taught only by trained, certificated instructors who are ready to help our program participants with any issues they might have.

Since Robothink Sussex offers a full curriculum in robotics and coding to children ages 6 through 13, our instructors, or Master Engineers, are trained to not only teach the content within the curriculum, but also to adapt it to each student individually taking into account each participant's age, skill level and particular interests they might have. By customizing projects for each student, our instructors make sure that learning STEM is not only educational, but engaging and fun experience!

Meet our instructors below.

Aliaksandra Hare


Aliaksandra Hare, or Ms. Ali as children know her, is the founder and instructor at Robothink Sussex who not only teaches the curriculum, but develops it by introducing new robot models, adding video game coding lessons and more.

Aliaksanra has been a Lewes resident for over 20 years. With more than 13 years of experience in web development (and still coding), Aliaksandra enjoys sharing her knowledge while teaching students to code robots they build, create their own video games and more. Being a parent herself, she knows how important it is to introduce children to STEM early on, but also how challenging it can be. So, bringing children programs that keep them engaged and earning to learn more has become her goal.

Ulysis Slagle


Ulysis Slagle, or Uly as children know him, is a Master Engineer instructor who has extensive knowledge in robotics and enjoys helping our young students build their own robots.

Ulysis is a Sussex County native who was raised in Lewes and graduated from Cape Henlopen High School.  During his senior year of high school, Ulysis was the lead mechanical engineer on his school's robotics team. While under his leadership, Ulysis's robotics team won the regional Vex Robotics Competition and was able to participate in the World Vex Robotics Championship. Currently Ulysis is studying Mechanical Engineering at University of Delaware. Our young builders love picking Uly's brain to see what neat modifications he can help them make to their robots.

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