Program Policies & Procedures

Transportation Policy
Parents/guardians understand that to comply with the sign in/out procedures, the parent/guardian will come into the program to drop off and pick up their child. Robothink Sussex operated by Coding Co. shall not release a child to any person without parent’s/guardian’s consent. Robothink Sussex operated by Coding Co. will assess a late pick up fee of $1.00 per minute after the end of each session, beginning after the first 10 minutes. Robothink Sussex operated by 
Coding Co. reserves the right to require identification of any person picking up a child. In the event that persons designated are NOT eligible to pick up a child, the parent/guardian agrees to provide Coding Co. with custodial paperwork. Coding Co. will contact person listed as Emergency Contact if the child has not been picked up within 30 minutes after the end of each session.

Medical Emergencies Policy
By agreeing to our program policies, you agree to inform Robothink Sussex operated by Coding Co. within 24 hours if your child or member or the household develops a communicable disease (immediate notification required if the disease is life threatening). The Coding Co. staff shall notify parent/guardian whenever child becomes ill and parent/guardian will arrange to have child picked up as soon as possible. In the event  parent/guardian cannot be reached in an emergency, you hereby give permission to the Coding Co. staff to seek medical treatment at the nearest medical facility. By agreeing to our program policies, you understand that you are responsible for the medical expenses incurred by your child and that Coding Co. advises that you carry health insurance for your child.

Release of Liability
Payment of fees and participation in the program shall constitute acceptance of the following conditions: Parent/guardian of the program participant, a minor, authorizes the directors and/or in instructors to act as Agents for the parent/guardian. Parent/guardian consents to any medical, surgical, or dental examination, treatments, etc. when deemed necessary.
Parent/guardian releases and discharges Coding Co. from any and all claims for personal injuries. Parent/guardian understands that Coding Co. is insured for its own liability and does not provide medical nor accidental insurance for class/workshop participants. In the event of serious disciplinary problems, Coding Co. reserves the right to immediately terminate child’s participation in the program through a written notice. Coding Co. does not assume responsibility for the child until the child arrives and is signed into the program, nor after the child leaves and is signed out of the program.

Company Property Policy
While holding sessions, Robothink Sussex operated by Coding Co. uses robotic kits, tablets/laptops, and proprietary software (for classes involving coding). By agreeing to our program policies, you understand that all the classroom equipment and inventory used is the sole property of Coding Co. and must be returned to the Coding Co. staff undamaged at the end of each class. By agreeing to our program policies, you acknowledge that you are responsible for your child’s proper handling of the classroom equipment and inventory as directed and you assume full responsibility for any damage that your child may cause to the company property. You agree to reimburse Coding Co. for any such damages if they occur.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations received at least one week prior to the date of the first session will receive a full refund of the registration fee. There are no refunds for cancellations made within a week of the date of first class. There are no refunds or make-ups for missed classes. If a class is cancelled due to inclement weather or other events, the class will be rescheduled. If class cannot be rescheduled, a credit will be issued.

Photo Release
By agreeing to our program policies, you acknowledge that while your child is attending Robothink Sussex programs, he/she may be photographed by a still or video camera. You hereby authorize Coding Co. to utilize your child's photographic image without identification in its brochures and advertisements in any media, including company website. In giving your consent, you hereby release and hold harmless Coding Co. and its agents from any and all responsibility or liability relating to the use of the photographs. You understand that neither your child nor you will receive compensation should any photograph authorized hereunder be used. If you decide that you do not consent to your child being photographed while attending Robothink Sussex programs, you will expressly notify Coding Co. in writing prior to your child attending any of the Robothink Sussex programs, so that the company could have enough time to ensure proper steps are taken not have your child photographed while attending our programs.

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