Robotics   with Robothink Sussex

Robotics Program at Robothink Sussex is a hands-on learning experience where students ages 6 through 14 can use our amazing robotics kit to design and build robots of all shapes, sizes and functions!

Take a look inside our Robotics Kit below!

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How Does It Work?

Our Robotics Program uses our robotics kit, a leveled curriculum and an open learning environment where students can creatively build and modify robots. Our trained instructors provide guidance but leave the heavy lifting to the students to maximize self-discovery and self-learning.

Our step by step curriculum provides engaging and unique lesson plans for budding robot engineers of all ages and skill level. With over a hundred unique build models ranging in all sorts of shapes, sizes, functions and difficulty, our students never repeat a build twice.

For the child, it's fun play. And for the parent, it's a great educational tool! Products, programs and curriculum used by Robothink Sussex are designed by teachers and engineers to help students maximize academic benefits from our robotics programs. Take a look below:

Develops problem solving, critical thinking and spatial awareness skills

Themed programs with 100s of different builds engage students of all ages and skill levels

Nurtures a love for science, creativity and learning

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